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The idea behind book dating is simple: get students to think about choosing a book like they would a future girlfriend or boyfriend.

This lets students accept the idea that “breaking up” with a book is okay and that you can “flirt” and go on a date or two before making a full commitment to that book.

It works from the assumption that students don’t actually hate reading, just boring reading.

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Neither had we, but what a fun way to get high school students talking and sharing their ideas from books they’ve read.

It wasn’t until those months passed that Lyadova and Melissa Hughes, who knew each other through work, decided to write a book about the experiment.

Hughes, with the help of Lyadova, has chronicled those 14 weeks of dates, and the struggle to get over a past relationship, in Dating Vandalized Lyadova and Hughes talked to the Star about the qualities that were looked for in a dating manager, what it was like opening up to the public and what they hope people will take away from the book.

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