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Although Tokyo has remained the de facto capital ever since, there are no rules on the books making it Japan’s “official” capital, leaving some in the former imperial city of Kyoto to insist that it is the rightful owner of the title. A massive earthquake destroyed nearly half of Tokyo in 1923. The city’s name was formally changed to Tokyo, meaning eastern capital, in 1868, when the nearly 700-year shogunate period came to an end, and the new emperor, Meiji, moved his residence there.Hot spots like Shibuya and Harajuku are famous for their lively Japanese street fashion culture.Not only is it a snapshot of how the stylish are driving the Japanese Fashion industry but its the place to spot outgoing and new style, such as the Harajuku girls who are well known for their colorful, layered and cutting-edge look."We opened the Gallery in Encinitas nearly two years ago, and the experience has really solidified what I set out to do.And, it also showed me that there is great interest all over the world in what we're doing here.Due to overwhelming interest in his flagship Golf Gallery in Southern California, which has become a destination location for Cameron brand enthusiasts, Scotty Cameron recently opened the doors to the Scotty Cameron Golf Gallery Tokyo in the chic shopping district of Aoyama.Located on the third floor of the Jewels of Aoyama building, visitors are presented with an elegant boutique experience that mirrors the essence of Scotty's brand.

The home of a number of major museums, Ueno Park is also celebrated in spring for its cherry blossoms and hanami.Late that afternoon, a 300-foot-tall ball of fire engulfed the area, killing all but 300 of those gathered.As authorities–hampered by the near total destruction of the city’s water mains–struggled to contain the fires, rumors spread throughout the city of widespread looting and vandalism by Korean immigrants, angered by Japan’s 1910 annexation of Korea.Similar to the California Gallery, the Tokyo Gallery will house limited and unique Cameron Creations, apparel and never-seen-before Tour putters crafted for discerning players and connoisseurs.Additionally, a fitting studio (opening Summer 2016) will present players with the same Tour-quality putter fitting experience offered in his California Putter Studio and Gallery. Navy’s “black ships” led to a series of economic, political and social crises that brought tremendous upheaval to the country—followed by unprecedented growth—paving the way for the rise of modern Japan. The city that would become one of the world’s largest metropolises started out as a small fishing village, first settled around 3,000 B. Known as Edo, or “estuary” it was first fortified in the 12th century and became home to Edo Castle (now the site of the Imperial Palace) in the 1450s.


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