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After years of intense criticism as well as a cult status in the "True Love Waits" abstinence campaign, the author of "I want to do more than just say, 'Oh, I should have said a few things differently,' he said."I just need to listen to where people are before I come out with my own thoughts...He was now the second generation of Harris’s to make a mark in homeschool circles.became something of a generational “bible” for young evangelicals. Joshua Harris: I was publishing a small magazine for home schooled teenagers and speaking to teens and parents at conferences.

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Joshua Harris, the hero of the evangelical purity movement, has hinted he may have been wrong to suggest traditional dating was dangerous.In this series I will look at the history and impact of some of the Christian books that have sold more than a million copies—no small feat when the average Christian books sells only a few thousand.We will encounter books by a cast of characters ranging from Joshua Harris, Randy Alcorn and David Platt all the way to Joel Osteen, Bruce Wilkinson and William Young.In fact, Joshua Harris himself had something to say: “You’re a really good writer for being broken-hearted and killed…” – via twitter. Part 1: Introduction Part 2: For the Ladies Part 3: The Heart of a Woman Part 4: Man Up Part 5: Holding Out for a Hero Part 6: Friendationships Part 7: Porn. This morning I am beginning a new Sunday series called “The Bestsellers.” The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association tracks sales of Christian books, and awards the Platinum Book Award for books whose sales exceed one million, and the Diamond Book Award for sales exceeding ten million.We followed something that has more in common with betrothal and arranged marriage than it does with Joshua’s vision of “courtship,” although we both called it the same thing.


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