Succeed at speed dating

Although the techniques for speed dating and speed networking can be similar – individuals paired or grouped together for the purpose of introduction – the practices differ in their end goals.Speed daters are trying to narrow down their choices by eliminating the unsuitable; conversely, speed networkers are trying to broaden their connections by increasing their exposure.

It was the first time Shan ran the age group 50-62 and we were very excited about it!I finally got the point and decided it was time to meet someone who wanted a relationship and to not short change myself this time!I had 3 matches that night and have met a guy who we have hit it off ever sense!We’ve come up with a few ways to try and make the whole process easier, including the often mocked speed dating party.But how do you make others want to go out with you in only a few minutes?Just goes to show when your heart and your mind is open and you have no expectations then your ready!


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