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I suspect Des Moines will learn the same lesson soon.

For Barbara Boardman, the beginning of the end of life as she knew it began with a kiss.

Word even went around that Williams was close—maybe too close—with the clinic's dental assistant.

Most classes take just 30 minutes and can be taken in any order.

He swept floors, shampooed the scuzz out of chairs, and even vacuumed the air vents above the nurses' desks, reaching high enough to expose a potbelly hanging over his jeans.

He may not have been the world's handsomest man, thought Boardman, but Williams had an easy smile and charm to burn.

Despite these relative freedoms, there are rules against getting too chummy with residents. At only 5'9'', but with a presence far bigger than his stature would suggest, Williams usually got to the office early and left late.

These are some of the questions SVP Partners tackle around the world, embarking on a journey that goes well beyond philanthropy.

He had just sold his software company, Aldus Corporation to Adobe.

In the spring of 2006, Boardman, then 55, was a pretty Southern blonde slowly recovering from a recent divorce. When she said she was born in Louisiana, he replied "Hey, me too." From that point on, mostly in secret, they talked about everything, including the steps they'd taken to find themselves together in this clinic, where the worst of the worst of Washington's sexual predators did routine things like get their teeth cleaned and medications filled.

Childless and so devoted to a nursing career that making and keeping friends often felt like more trouble than it was worth, she found herself talking through the pain of a second failed marriage with an unlikely confidante: Lawrence Williams, a 47-year-old convicted rapist and custodian at the medical clinic where she worked at Mc Neil Island's Special Commitment Center. Then one day, prompted by watching Boardman eat a lunch of red beans and rice, Williams went somewhere more personal. Built in 2004 on a pristine, sneaker-shaped island in south Puget Sound, the Special Commitment Center (SCC) operates less like a prison than a heavily fortified dormitory. Army Reserves, she still thought of herself as the dedicated Kroger checkout girl whose till was never off, not even by a penny. For one thing, he was always around; the other clinicians joked that he put in more hours than they did. Williams had more privileges than most of the 283 men and two women interned at Mc Neil, including nearly unlimited, mostly unsupervised access to the phones, a freedom resulting from his progress in treatment.


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