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NAI is a non-profit organization that is the leading self-regulatory association dedicated to responsible data collection and its use for digital advertising.Since 2000, we have been working with the leaders in online advertising to craft policies that help ensure responsible data collection and use practices.Finding a romantic partner is only one of many goals you can have at once.

Read more There is a definite spectrum of normal behavior when it comes to dating.

The site receives more than 2.4M visitors and 3.4M page views monthly and has been featured on CNN, Fox News, HLN, The Huffington Post and other major media outlets.

The site has quickly become known as “the authority on all things dating,” connecting users with a variety of resources to improve their dating lives, including: The site’s daily articles are authored by popular dating and relationship experts, who delve into topics from first date ideas to marriage proposals.

Unlike other dating blogs, content on Dating is tailored to specific audiences of daters.

Another unique feature of the site is its free Q-and-A sessions with well-known dating experts.


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