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It is a fun-filled love game that helps you to find out the nature of your relationship with your lover or partner.You may just take this love test to see whether you've found the right match for yourself.Such predictions help sustain your feelings and emotions for the other person.

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So, although Jay and I both saw a lot of potential in each other and wanted to be exclusive, we agreed that we didn't need to rush anything. After two months of dating I could feel myself falling for him but knew I should keep it to myself.

Emotional abuse goes hand-in-hand with physical abuse, and victims often suffer serious mental anguish that affects everything from self-confidence to parenting.

Abusers use many different tactics to strip their partners of independence and control their behavior and emotions.

The Love Flames Game helps you to find out how much you're connected to your partner.

It's a cool game which tracks your love quotient with your partner in terms of numbers and percentages.


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