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"Thank you" "M'lady or Perhaps Marinette ..." Edit: God damn to many errors in this chapter oh meh lord, Ya know what screw my rule of commenting my gramma..half,cuz I won't pay attention to ppl that comment "you're" or correct me on the landmarks,but for names COMMENT MY MISTAKE CUZ SIRE AS HELL I WONT RE READ MY WORK UNLESS THERE IS A MISTAKE WITH NAMES, Like there was this one error...

I'm not gonna even say it cuz you fucken go look at the comments...*kitten in shame box rn*FINALLY KITTEN FINISHED THIS CHAPTER!

Left to right: William Barnett, Evan Vetere, and Isaiah Houston of the EVE Online Goon Swarm Alliance.

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Not always used for roleplay, ASFO is mainly used to keep conversation going.

"Replied chat noir as he then ended the embrace and put his paw on his lovers shoulders only to look straightly at his lovers beautiful,eyes that's shined bright blue as the heavens..."... "Blurted ladybug as she then softly grinned at her little silly kitty."Yes,yes I'll be your wife you silly kitty!

"Said ladybug as she then cupped her hands together,lifting them up to her face,only to hide her softly bright,elegant,cherry red blush.

Soon after the attacks began, the governance team at San Francisco-based Linden Lab, the company that runs Second Life, identified the vandals and suspended their accounts.

In the popular North Star hangout, players located the offending avatars and fired auto-cagers, which wrapped the attackers' heads in big metallic boxes.


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