Xxx cam phone acces

Connect to the IP camera using the IP address provided by the “IP Camera tool”.

(The address will typically be of the form, where xxx is a 3 digit number that will be unique for you.

Each of the lenses features T* antireflective ZEISS coating that helps to minimize reflections and improve light transmission.

Mounting the lenses to a smartphone will require a special device-specific Exo Lens bracket that holds the phone on one side and the lens on the other.

Hiii I have check my PC configurations, routers configuration & IP camera's configuration.these are as follows: For PC: IP address: Mask: Gateway: router: WAN-External IP:18xxx.x64Subnet mask: address: mask: Details: I have assugn static IP as: m Ask: my router i have disable firewall n done port forwarding for camera as port:8000all these configurations I am not able to access my ip camera even from my network.

Each of the Exo Lens-brand lenses will feature ZEISS optics and will be made with black anodized aluminum with white labeling. The factory default IP of the ip-cam is, I have changed that IP successfully to (with the hikvision software on a Windows PC).sudo arp-scan --interface=eth0 --localnet [sudo] password for empedokles: Interface: eth0, datalink type: EN10MB (Ethernet) Starting arp-scan 1.8.1 with 256 hosts ( : Motorola Mobility, Inc.Edit 1 Based on your answer, camera is on is to add virtual network interface that will be in the same network with camera.After logging into the web-cam, we need to do some house keeping steps: 1. When changing the password, what you need to know is that the password is case-sensitive and can be only 12 characters long. Change the port used by the web-cam: The main reason we are changing the port is because the default port of 80 is blocked by many ISPs and so by changing it to a different value like 82, you get around that issue.


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